Contact the Cochrane brothers to begin collecting. People collect many different things, for many different reasons, be it from a historic perspective, rarity or value perspective, like limited editions, or for nostalgic or personal reasons.

Collections can range from stamps and coins, to cars or paintings & artistic sculptures.

Browse a sample of some of the items we have collected over the years, which may help to complete or add to your collection. We can assist with Postage stamps / philately, coins and notes – world bank notes and coins, porcelain like royal Doulton, Beswick or Luciaware. Historic documentation like the chest full of General Louis Botha’s documents, historic and family photos. Contact David John Cochrane at 082 530 5336  or Scott Cochrane at 082 440 5947 should you be interested to visit our showroom to view the Art, coins, notes, stamps, vintage and collectable cars (New old Stock – still boxed) or historic documentation.

Should you be considering buying items to add to your collection, selling off parts or all of your collection or valuing you collection we can gladly assist.