When considering which of the metals to collect, many a collector has seen the shine that Silver offers as an asset class. Known as AG on the periodic table of elements, this shiny little asset has a lot to offer. Highly underrated and considered one of the cheaper metals to collect one only has to read up about the Hunt brothers to get a feeling of the fever which can take over the emotions & rational thinking that a silver collector should have, but can sometimes lose. Be it the Silver Krugerrand coin, launched in 2017 and slightly larger than its Gold 1 OZ counterpart, or the Canadian Maple, Chinese Panda, Silver Dollar or Australian Kangaroo, the 1OZ silver collectable coin is a must have for any silver collector. Some pay spot, some are prepared to pay over spot, real artwork and masterpieces in the silver collector coins struck by most mints – some are in for the long haul, some collecting for the design and beauty and not to speculate. Silver coins, Silver Bars, 1 oz, 2 oz are more the modern silver coin, which will bring out the collectors bug in most. Shape, design, proof or circulation coins Silver is not to be overlooked. Browse the unusual shapes, sizes, designs and artwork of the modern silver coin and be fascinated. To Buy or sell your Silver coins contact Scott Cochrane 082 440 5947 or Dj 082 530 5336 / ghkscott@gmail.com and let the silver collection adventure begin.